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Magic the Gathering Online Drafting

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We were lucky enough to get some exciting spoiled cards from wizards for the upcoming M2011.

First Up:

At first when I saw this card, I wasn’t too impressed. Scry 2 once a turn for 1 mana doesn’t seem all that great. The real power of this card is being able to manipulate the top of your library. In constructed this may mean shenanagins with polymorph or oracle of mul daya type decks. I’m not sure if this card will be making many constructed deck lists for a while but it won’t hurt to playtest. In limited however this card is great as it lets you get rid of two lands when you really need that removal spell. Drawing what you need is on par with “Draw 1”. Being able to go in any color deck means you’ll have to be ready to pick them up early if you want to have it in your deck. Ready to experience an Army Knowledge Online? Need help with your AKO webmail login? You should check out AKO for all your Army Knowledge Online needs.

Next Up:

Obstinate Baloth is especially interesting because it’s an obvious solution to Blightning. 4 toughness means a bloodbraid elf cascading into a blightning nets you 1 life -1 card, and a 4/4 body on the board, enough to block the bloodbraid with ease. I will be interested to see if there will be other discard effects in the future that this guy will be able to abuse, or if he was just the “jund hoser”. In limited this guy is obviously a bomb and should be taken early if you’re in green.

As for power creep, just look at Ravenous Baloth

M2011 is shaping up to be very exciting, and I can’t wait to start playing with these cards.


-Bryan Dowse

I tried playing Masters Edition 3 online since I’ve been told it’s a pretty fun set to draft. Before I started playing I looked over all the cards and had a decent idea of what was good and what tricks to watch out for.

4-5 butt creatures are big in this format, and horsemanship is strong as well. Flying is actually the true evasion since there are only 3 common and uncommon flyers in the set.

I started off fairly well picking up some strong green and picked up what I thought were good green red legends as I saw them including The Lady of the Mountain and Jerrard of the Closed Fist. I followed those up with good mana acceleration like Spoils of Victory and Three Visits

Sadly I didn’t get a lot of removal. I should have taken Desert Twister in pack 3. But overall I had a decent start.

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– Erik Lundblad

So I did my first Zendikar draft recently, and it went pretty well. I made some decisions that I’m not sure I would make again, but it worked out this time. I knew going into the draft that Zendikar is a very fast format, which definitely colored the way I drafted.

First pack, first pick, I took Hideous End over Bala Ged Thief. This ended up working very well for my deck, but if black had not been open, I could’ve had problems, whereas the Thief would be splashable in an Allies deck. Given that choice again, I would probably take the Thief. However, I proceeded to pick up Quest for the Gravelord, Guul Draz Vampire, Arrow-Volley Trap (possible second color), Piranha Marsh, Carnage Altar (never drew it, but seems pretty good), Scythe Tiger (another possible second color), Hagra Crocodile, Mountain, Forest(nothing good in the packs), Magma Rift (11th pick removal, I think I’ve found my second color), Blood Seeker, Caller of Gales, Ruinous Minotaur, Slaughter Cry (15th pick combat trick?).
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