– Erik Lundblad


So, I was reminded of something at the most recent FNM. You don’t always need to draft well in order to win. I was about as displeased with my drafting as I ever have been, and ended up with my deck already built for me, as I only had 23 playables (+3 sideboard cards) in White and Black (+ a Fireball) and just enough good Blue to make it tempting.

The entire draft, I could not decide between Blue and Black as my secondary color, because I kept getting passed really late picks in one or the other, and it kept changing. One pack there would be no Black, but great Blue, then the next 3 packs would have no Blue but great Black… then it would switch again. I didn’t even settle on my primary color (White) until midway through pack 2, when I picked up my second Armored Ascension. Now, my deck wasn’t quite as bad as my drafting should have made it (mainly due to the 2 Armored Ascension and 2 Tendrils of Corruption), but it would have been a lot better if I had just gone White/Black from the beginning. continue reading…