-Bryan Dowse

I tried playing Masters Edition 3 online since I’ve been told it’s a pretty fun set to draft. Before I started playing I looked over all the cards and had a decent idea of what was good and what tricks to watch out for.

4-5 butt creatures are big in this format, and horsemanship is strong as well. Flying is actually the true evasion since there are only 3 common and uncommon flyers in the set.

I started off fairly well picking up some strong green and picked up what I thought were good green red legends as I saw them including The Lady of the Mountain and Jerrard of the Closed Fist. I followed those up with good mana acceleration like Spoils of Victory and Three Visits

Sadly I didn’t get a lot of removal. I should have taken Desert Twister in pack 3. But overall I had a decent start.

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