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Tendrils of Corruption

-Steve Bahnaman

If you’ve drafted M10 three or more times, there’s a good chance that you’ve run into at least one deck that only had Swamps and no other lands. There’s a good chance you may have lost even though you thought your deck was pretty darn good, especially if your deck was green-white.

The monoblack deck has been discussed a fair amount, probably more than any other archetype in the M10 draft universe, largely because it has a number of good cards to use in the deck without needing another color to add power. There’s something wonderful about never having to worry about getting color-screwed. Of course, there are other advantages as well, many of which are really just the advantages of “archetype drafting” as opposed to “good cards drafting.” continue reading…


-Bryan Dowse

Last night I started my first online Magic2010 draft. I first picked a Djinn of Wishes and went from there. There was nothing else really in the pack, and it was the best card by far. Also, blue seems underdrafted right now so I’m happy picking it up early and forcing blue. The second pick Wind Drake just solidifies my blue choice. A Goblin Artillery third pick generally means that red is open so I pick that up; the other notable cards are the Gravedigger and Stone Giant.

Pick 4 however gets a bit interesting. The only red or blue card in the pack seems to be a Cancel. Instead of a solid red card, I see a nice Rise from the Grave. I take it since my only red card is an Artillery; I could be black if it keeps coming.

At this point I have 2 solid blue cards, one red card, and one black card. continue reading…

-Bryan Dowse


My 10 man draft last Friday was pretty much “the nuts soldier draft”.

I first picked a Rhox Pikemaster and second picked a Pacifism over a Pyroclasm. Some may say that passing the Pyroclasm may have not been the right pick, but I stand by sticking in my white color. I tend to draft as many good cards in my color in the first pack as possible, unless there’s a bomb or an obvious signal, and only switch to my second when there’s nothing in the pack.

My third pick was a Veteran Armorsmith. At this point I decided to gamble and try to make a soldier deck. I would pick soldiers very high, and pick them over almost everything, except Pacifisms and bombs. Later in the pack I made the choice of picking a Pacifism over a Blinding Mage. The rest of the pack yielded a total of 2 Pacifisms, 1 Palace Guard, 2 Veteran Armorsmiths, 1 Rhox Pikemaster, 1 Stormfront Pegasus,  and 1 Veteran Swordsmith, 1 Silvercoat Lion. I also picked up some late black: 1 Disentomb, 1 Warpath Ghoul, and 1 Gravedigger.
continue reading…