-Bryan Dowse


I decided to play Warp World for the M2010 game day. I really like the deck and it got me to the top 8 with a record of 4-0-2. Since there are about 16 different versions of the deck I had my work cutout for me and I had figure out which cards I was going to run. I started reading on what cards were successful in other players experience and did a little testing before coming up with a list I felt comfortable playing. For those unfamiliar with the deck, the deck uses a lot of mana accelerators (like Trace of Abundance, Fertile Ground, and Farhaven Elf) to ramp up quickly to big creatures (Like Siege-gang Commander, Bogardan Hellkite, or Broodmate Dragon). Then, if the warp world deck player has board position they will keep beating down or playing more creatures, if not, they cast Warp world. With 56 permanents mainboard, the warp world player will generally kill their opponent the next turn.

There were a couple of cards that were good in the deck, but didn’t make the cut for me.
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