-Bryan Dowse


My 10 man draft last Friday was pretty much “the nuts soldier draft”.

I first picked a Rhox Pikemaster and second picked a Pacifism over a Pyroclasm. Some may say that passing the Pyroclasm may have not been the right pick, but I stand by sticking in my white color. I tend to draft as many good cards in my color in the first pack as possible, unless there’s a bomb or an obvious signal, and only switch to my second when there’s nothing in the pack.

My third pick was a Veteran Armorsmith. At this point I decided to gamble and try to make a soldier deck. I would pick soldiers very high, and pick them over almost everything, except Pacifisms and bombs. Later in the pack I made the choice of picking a Pacifism over a Blinding Mage. The rest of the pack yielded a total of 2 Pacifisms, 1 Palace Guard, 2 Veteran Armorsmiths, 1 Rhox Pikemaster, 1 Stormfront Pegasus,  and 1 Veteran Swordsmith, 1 Silvercoat Lion. I also picked up some late black: 1 Disentomb, 1 Warpath Ghoul, and 1 Gravedigger.
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